UN fresh appeal for flood victims

The United Nations has revised up its humanitarian appeal for Pakistan five-fold from $160 million to $ 816 million as it seeks to control a surge in water-borne diseases following the worst floods in the country. The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Pakistan has said that the Southasian nation was entering a new wave of deaths and destruction due to the spread of deadly infectious diseases after the Country witnessed over 1,700 deaths and displacement of millions of people in the wake of recent torrential rains across the country. According to UN Coordinator, the current events suggest that there would be an increase in child morbidity and it will be pretty terrible unless the global community act rapidly to support the Pakistani government by ensuring the provision of health facilities, nutrition, water and sanitation services across the affected areas as early as possible to avert the looming crisis.

Recently, Pakistan hit the worst floods in its history which caused extreme fiscal losses and tremendous destruction in every sector of the national economy. The devastating flooding killed hundreds of people and submerged one-third of the country’s landmass. After a pause in torrential rains, dangerous infectious diseases including cholera, malaria and other diarrhoeal ailments are spreading rapidly in flood hit regions, which caused great concerns in the global community because the torrent hit nation has no scanty resources to battle the desasterous affects of epidemic together with reconstruction and rehabilitation activities.

Currently, Pakistan’s economy faces multiple problems including a balance of payments crisis, a widening current account deficit, sharp deappriciation of currency and historic inflation rate in post flood era. While considering these economic snags and the colossal challenges facing by the country, the UN has revised its assessment and increased its fresh appeal to assist Pakistan in overcoming theis calamitious situation. Although, Pakistani government and public organizations are actively working to reduce the misereis of flood victims but the valuable assistance being rendered by the global community and the UN is highly admirable and vital to rampe up anti-epidemic, relief operation in flood affected regions.