UNFPA creates health centers in rural areas of Ghor province

GHOR (TOLOnews): The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has opened 10 health centers in remote areas of the province of Ghor in order to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality there.
In these centers, doctors and healthcare workers treat mothers and children.
“The project’s goal is to increase women’s and children’s access to health care. Safe births are also carried out at these centers,” said Sediqullah Hasanzai, the project manager in Ghor. These centers are based in rural areas of the province where residents lack access to healthcare facilities. Previously, fifteen health shelters were created by the UN Population Fund in nine different Ghor districts.
“The center’s doors are open to those with health problems. We will do all we can to assist the sick,” said Naz Gul, a nurse.
“We have up to fifty visitors every day, including pregnant women,” said Zahra Ibrahimi, a nurse.
Diseases become more common in Ghor during the winter season.
“We used to have to rent a car and transfer our patients to the large hospital, but now we take them here,” said Hora Gul, a patient. “They provide better services to the people and we are very happy,” said Abdullah, a relative of a patient.
“We are trying to activate health centers in remote areas and provide health services in a better way,” said Abdul Satar Mowafaq, head of the health department of Ghor.
The province of Ghor is one of the coldest in the country. Many of this province’s districts’ highways are closed during the winter due to the snowfall and chilly temperatures, depriving the people of health care services.