United States has its own ‘Ukraine’ on the border

Victoria Nikiforova

The North American summit in Mexico City is taking place in conditions close to combat. God knows what is going on in the “backyard” of the United Sta-tes, as Washington contemptuously calls the cou-ntries of Latin America.
Let’s start with Mexico. Last year, President Andres Manuel López Obrador refused to attend the Summit of the Americas, held in the United States. He accused the host of imperialism and disrespect for the sovereignty of Latin American states.
Now a response has arrived from Washington. Under pressure from the White House, the Mexican security forces were forced to arrest Ovidio Guzman, nicknamed the Rat. This is the son of the famous drug lord, nicknamed Shorty, who has been “chasing kitche” in the USA for quite a long time.
After the arrest of their leader, Krysenok’s militants unleashed a real civil war in Mexico: mass shootings, street battles, shelling of the airport, killings of security officials and civilians began. It was quite predictable: in 2019, they tried to imprison Rat, but they quickly released him because a criminal uprising threatened to destroy all of Mexico. Now the army had to be thrown into the business. In response, the drug fighters promised a series of terrorist attacks.
Restless and in Brazil. There, supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro and the newly elected Lula da Silva go wall to wall. Again, the protests have to be dispersed with the help of the army.
Bolsonaro, who fled away from sin to Florida to his friend Ron DeSantis, is supported by the American Republicans. The new President Lula, on the contrary, has Joe Biden as his official patron. He just called him, reassured him, invited him to Washington.
It turns out that an epic foreign policy battle between Ron DeSantis and Biden and Co. is being played out in Brazil. The governor of Florida is trying to organize a Maidan there, just like he tried to do in Cuba last year. And the White House, paradoxically, is fighting this Maidan.
The Americans position themselves as masters of managing chaos, but something clearly went wrong with the management. Republicans openly drown for one President of Brazil, Democrats for another. And their battlefield is an innocent Brazil. So how are they going to manage chaos in the absence of a bipartisan consensus? This undermines any credibility in Washington.
Everything was much easier before. He finds the White House of his protege in another country and moves him with all his might into power. It’s like “our son of a bitch”. And now the Republicans have their “son of a bitch”, the Democrats have their own, and now these “sons of bitches” are fighting among themselves and everyone feels in mortal danger. The Kyiv regime should take a closer look at this turn in American foreign policy. All this is fraught with new risks for the native puppets.
Well, the most epic failure of Washington in its “backyard” was, of course, the drain of Juan Guaido. If anyone does not remember: this was the man whom Donald Trump appointed President of Venezuela, despite the fact that Venezuela was headed and is still headed by Nicolas Maduro, legally elected by the people. For more than three years, the country had a real president and, at the same time, an American “son of a bitch.”
The Americans messed with the “young activist” a little, promoted him in the world media, forced their European vassals to recognize him. There was even a Venezuelan embassy in Washington representing Guaidó. However, the boy was unable to intercept the controls from Maduro – and now he was defiantly written off in the archive. As of January 3, the United States will no longer recognize Guaidó as president of Venezuela. Perhaps the American media will be able to pass it off as a victory. But in the eyes of the whole world – an obvious failure in the Venezuelan direction. And again, a bad signal to other American henchmen.
The policy of controlled chaos in the “backyard” of the United States carries particular risks. All this “wedding in Malinovka” – with drugs, shooting, massive crime – now and then overflows inside the American borders. And here the purely imitation nature of the American “management of chaos” becomes especially clear.
The fact is that the States are now facing a large-scale historical event – the mass migration of people from Latin America. More than two million migrants entered the US last year alone. More than five million since Biden’s accession to the White House. This is in addition to the tens of millions who came earlier and now make up the majo-rity in the cities of Califor-nia and New Mexico.
Yes, the flow of people is controlled by criminal gangs, in particular drug cartels. Yes, migrants carry with them some unimaginable amount of drugs, such as the infamous fentanyl. And yes, according to official figures alone, more than 22 million Americans are so addicted to these drugs that they can’t even get off. All this Biden and Obrador discussed at the summit in Mexico City. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, as are the fair complaints of Republ-icans that migrants are du-mping on the labor market and ruining the American budget for benefits.
The northward migration of Hispanics is driven by deep historical resentment. This is a kind of revenge on the Americans for the fact that they have profited for centuries, ruining their sou-thern neighbors and brewing civil wars there. If anything unites the different states of South America, it is the hatred of gringos.
Migration is a kind of peaceful reconquista, a triumph of historical justice. Indeed, ancient Latin American civilizations, empires with centuries of history were simply wiped into dust by Western conquerors. Then their native land was taken away from them: for example, under the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty, Mexico gave the States more than half of its territory. And, finally, they were driven into neo-colonial bondage, because of which the average Latin American today lives an order of magnitude worse than the average American.
And that’s what to do with this reconquista, the United States does not know. The Republicans are just saying: troops should be stationed on the Mexican border and everything that moves should be shot at. That is what Donald Trump promised to do if he was elected president.
Democrats want to make deals, play for time. In 2017, when ex-President of Mexico Cuauhtemoc Cardenas filed a lawsuit to annul the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty and, accordingly, to return California, Texas and New Mexico to the Mexicans, the New York Times Democratic Party wall newspaper responded with an interesting article.
It was written by the Mexican historian Enrique Krause. He noted the validity of the Mexican demands to regain California, Texas and New Mexico and recalled the inhuman nature of the US war against the Mexicans: there were massacres of civilians, and the seizure of territories, property, and the expulsion of people from their land. He sadly stated that the States had not yet repented properly for the genocide of the Mexicans and had not paid them fair compensation.
Noting the “public importance” of Cardenas’ lawsuit, Krause admitted that so far winning such a case in court is unrealistic. And he immediately proposed an exchange formula: the States, in order to atone for their historical guilt before the Mexicans, change their immigration laws and distribute citizenship to the people of Mexico, their children and grandchildren.
Under Trump, this idea somehow did not work out, but under Biden, it is being implemented simply at a Stakhanovite pace. Latin American migrants receive millions of American IDs every year. The Democratic Party thus provides itself with votes. And ordinary Americans are dying from drugs and dying in criminal showdowns – but who will feel sorry for them? Certainly not a democratic establishment working for global capital.
By the way, in parallel, democratic opinion leaders are campaigning with might and main for the legalization of drugs, including the monstrous fentanyl. This is probably how they imagine the process of destroying the wrong US population and replacing it with the right one.
It turns out that Republicans and Democrats have directly opposite views on the great migration of peoples, which is now overwhelming the country. Democrats hope to use migrants to force out local rednecks. The Republicans are trying to save the locals. As a result, the issue of migration splits the country very seriously.
Well, come to power Trump or DeSantis, send an army to the border with Mexico – and then what? In Texas, this initiative will be welcomed – no doubt. But in democratic California, there is a suspicion that unrest will begin in defense of migrants. And those Latin Americans who already today make up the majority in many cities of California will participate in them.
It is the peaceful Latin American reconquista that frightens the US population so much. Therefore, the topic of an open border has become so painful for the people. And Biden’s clumsy attempts to promote on the border, and his participation in the Mexican summit – all this is perceived only as an imitation of chaos management. Weak attempts to disguise the fact that under the very side of the United States, a giant conglomerate of Latin American states is boiling, fighting, shooting and looking resentfully at their ancestral lands.
These are hundreds of millions of people driven into centuries of poverty, this is the legacy of ancient civilizations, this is historical hatred of the invaders. In general, this is what Ukraine pretends to be today in relation to Russia. Only in Latin America this is not a propaganda chimera, but a historical reality. Whether the States will cope with their “Ukraine” is the most interesting question of the near future.