Urban planning and nation’s plight

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has directed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to have a special focus on the construction of vertical buildings for providing houses to a maximum number of people, instead of using valuable agricultural land in the allotment of plots to government employees.

Town and Urban Planning is the essence of modern living that not only makes optimum and judicial use of available space but also enables governments, builders, architects, and administrators to provide maximum comforts and innovations to the community. Town Planning helps us in the preservation of the natural environment coupled with social amenities along with economical use of available resources including drinking water, electricity, gas, and other communication and internet facilities through pooled resources and collective arrangements within a specific neighborhood.

Unfortunately, our nation could not implement those sane ideas in our everyday life whereas our cities and towns have been shaped into wild growth and unplanned construction. Currently, all residential colonies and major cities face identical problems of sewerage, clean drinking water, ungoverned traffic, encroachment, poor construction, lack of greenery, parks, and recreational places, community services, and the rule of the law.

Meanwhile, illegal and unauthorized housing societies have grown unrestrictly across the country causing multiple administrative and legal issues for the governments along with turning lucrative cultivating land into grey structures and proposed commercial hubs. Ironically, these problems are multiplying every day with no sense of responsibility in the regulators, administrators, and law enforcers to stop this self-creation of disaster by the public.

Although, the Prime Minister has flouted a sane idea, however, there is no scarcity of rules and regulations, whereas multiple government institutions and regulating bodies are functional to regulate construction and control property businesses. Even then, construction giants are rapidly swallowing precious green land and building houses, and markets over it. The problem lies in the no implementation of the law, no fulfillment of responsibility, and no accountability of the corrupt, criminals, and crooks. Until and unless government officials and the public do not uphold the constitution and implement the law, no change can be brought to this country.