Village in Afghanistan known for being ‘one kidney village’

Monitoring Desk

HERAT: A village in Afghanistan has become to be known as the ‘one kidney village’.

Shenshayba Bazaar is an Afghan village located near the city of Herat has turned into a place full of people having one kidney. It was revealed that due to the poor economic condition of the country the residents of this village were forced to sell their kidney to survive. It went so far that almost the complete population of the mentioned village has sell one of their kidneys and are living with just a single kidney working in their system.

A 32-year-old man while talking to a foreign news outlet expressed that he didn’t want to sell his organ the poor financial conditions forced him to do so, as being a father he had to support his children.

Nooruddin said that, “I didn’t want to, but I didn’t have any option. I did it for my children. I regret it now, I can no longer work, I’m in pain and I cannot lift anything heavy.”

The selling of organs is illegal in countries around the world but in Afghanistan the removal of organs is a unregulated process and the doctors are also in the clear, as long as the donor gives his consent in written. What happens to the organs afterwards and where they are send, all of it is not known.

“I sold my kidney for 250,000 Afghanis ($2,900). I had to do it. My husband isn’t working, we have debts,” told a woman.