Violating human rights:
EU considers sanctions on IEA authorities

KABUL (Khaama Press): Annalena Baerbock German Foreign Minister has announced that after consultations with the European foreign ministers in Brussels, the EU is considering imposing a new set of sanctions on the Taliban authorities for repressing women in Afghanistan.
German Foreign Minister has said that Afghan women and girls are currently faced with “systematic and gender-based restrictions” in the war-torn country. Germany, France, and the Netherlands in particular have proposed the introduction of sanctions on Afghanistan’s de facto authorities.
“The entire world sees with open eyes that the Taliban authorities are implementing extensive human rights restrictions on women and girls in Afghanistan,” Baerbock said.
She further added that “this subject matter will be discussed in the next round of EU foreign ministers’ meetings. Erasing women from international humanitarian aid organizations is not acceptable. We as the European Union cannot and do not want to support the fact that humanitarian aid should be solely distributed by men for men.”
It is believed that the new set of sanctions by the EU will affect the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. The supreme leader of the Taliban, Hibatullah Akhundzada in November introduced a number of gender-based restrictions that barred women and girls from the right to get an education, work for the government and non-government aid organizations, or attend sports and other public activities.
The latest moves prompted worldwide criticisms from aid organizations, human rights groups, and the international community, however, the Taliban-run administration has not yet reversed its rigid policies in this regard. Instead, the ruling regime emphasizes implementing strict Islamic Sharia laws in all walks of life.