We fight to curb culture invasion: MoIC

KABUL (Agencies): In the series of government accountability programs for the nation today, Tuesday the Ministry of Information and Culture shared its one-year accomplishment.
Acting Minister of Information and Culture of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah called the last year full of achievements and according to him, during a year, the Ministry has taken concrete steps to restore the former illusion of the Ministry.
Minister Khairkhah said that in past two decades the Ministry of Information and Culture was kept on the sidelines and no special attention was paid to the Ministry.
“Since the Islamic Emirate regain sovereignty in the country, they have freed hundreds of acres of seized land belonging to the Ministry,”. Khairkheh added.
He said, last year was a period in the house of journalist no media staff threated or killed for their activities, adding in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance we reduce taxes for the media to solve their financial problems.
Afterward, Mawlawi Atiqullah Azizi, Deputy of the Ministry said that currently there are almost 2,000 registered historical monuments in the country, adding the thousands of other historical monuments remain unregistered in the country.
The Ministry of Information and Culture strives to register and protect the rest of the historical sites of the country, adding for this propose 012 military unit has been formed and deployed in the relevant areas.
The officials of the Ministry noted its activity in the field of youth, according to which thousands of young people will be introduced to private universities with special discounts to get higher education.
According to the authorities, serious efforts are being made to provide job opportunities and education ground to the youth and their intellectual and moral reform.
In the annual reports of the Ministry of Information and Culture, it is stated that the activities of the broadcasting department of the said Ministry have improved tremendously adding that in the last year only Bakhtar News Agency has published about 64 thousand news, reports, interviews, analyses, video reports and other news topics have been published and also 200 thousand newspapers have been printed.
The Ministry in its report said that in the last one year 816,256 domestic and foreign tourists visited different regions of the country.
The drafts of 6 legal documents in the field of tourism, the collection of accurate statistical numbers of tourist structures, and the support of the activities of the private sector in the field of tourism have been mentioned as other achievements of the past year, of the Ministry.
The revenue collection of the Ministry of Information and Culture reach to 99.4 million in a year.
To the end the officials of the Ministry of Information and Culture informed about the serious struggle against cultural invasion they said we fight with all our strengthen to curb the cultural invasion and strongly requested the media to organize their broadcasts in consideration of national interests and to avoid such propaganda.