We plans to support media
financially: UNAMA office

HERAT (Agencies): UNAMA has plans for financial support for the media, says Arzu Hatakoy a former political officer for the UNAMA office in Afghanistan.
Arzu Hatakoy, in a meeting with Mawlana Naeem-ul Haq Haqqani, head of the Information and Culture department of Herat, says that the UNAMA office is interested in more relations with the Department and wants to have cooperation in the cultural sectors.
The UNAMA office will sign a memorandum of understanding with the radios of the western provinces by publishing educational programs on International Human Rights Day, so in addition to publishing the program; cause the financial support of audio media, she added.
On the occasion of the International Day of Violence Against Women, they have planned programs to support the media financially, she said.
Ms. Arzu welcomed the establishment of the support committee for journalists in this province, stating that the UNAMA office is inaugurating its relationship with this committee.
She said that we have a plan to financially support the media.
Mawlana Naeem-ul Haq Haqqani, says that the UNAMA office has a good representation in the western part of the country, and hailed the organization’s cooperation.
Haqqani said that on the eve of winter, we ask the office of UNAMA and partner institutions to provide winter aid to deprived areas so that winter will not be difficult for our people.
According to Haqqani: “UNAMA office should make more efforts in the sectors of health, creating job opportunities, and education.”
Referring to the financial situation of the media, he said that the journalists of media currently need financial support and asked UNAMA to undertake a serious support program for the support of the media.
Haqqani pointed out that every training program organized by the UNAMA office in Herat is supported and the Department of Information and Culture cooperates in organizing it as best as possible.
He underlined that if you encounter the smallest problem in the western provinces, inform the Department of Information and Culture of this province so that it can be addressed.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Arzu met with the head of the Herat journalist support and supervision committee and talked about the problems of the media and journalists.
The head of this committee asked for the financial cooperation of the UNAMA office from the media of this province.
The head of the Journalist committee asked UNAMA to launch training and capacity-building programs for journalists, giving seminars and preparing reports with this committee.