Female students above 6th grade get schooling from Kabul center

KABUL (TOLOnews): An institution in Kabul is supporting girls’ education and providing work opportunities for nearly 2,000 girls above grade sixth in Kabul.
In this institution, students take regular school lessons and prepare for the university entrance exam. They also learn practical skills like tailoring.
“Our goal is to support girls’ education because they are not allowed to go to schools and the Islamic Emirate closed their schools and most of them deal with depression,” said Hasib, a teacher.
As girls schools remain closed, hundreds of girls above grade sixth have come to this institution to continue their education.
These girls welcomed this opportunity and once again asked for the immediate opening of their schools.
Fakhriya is a student and said that she has not lost her hope. “I want to continue my education and because of this I came here to study,” said Fakhriya, a student.
“Schools have to be open for girls above grade sixth so we can continue our education,” said Alima, a student.
“We asked to open schools again so girls can complete their education,” said Muqadasa, a student.
Political analysts asked the government to allow girls to go to school, and in this way take practical action.
Earlier, the Islamic Emirate said they had a plan to open schools for girls, but they have not acted on this.