Weekly inflation drops to 29.82%

F.P. Report
ISLAMABAD: Prices of multiple essential items went up in the last week; however, the weekly inflation rate dropped by 8.1% to settle at 29.28 %, data issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) showed. According to the PBS data, flour, pulses, and potato prices increased last week. However, onions, tomatoes and Masoor pulse dropped; the data showed.
The price of tea went up by Rs18.60 per kg, Moong pulse went up from Rs248 to Rs252, and Chickpea pulse shot up Rs6.37 to sell at Rs257.50. The price of sugar went up by Rs0.71 to sell at Rs87.64 per kg. And the price of a dozen of eggs increased by Rs1.47. The PBS data shows that the rate of alive chicken also went up by Rs12.76 per kg. However, the price of tomatoes dropped by Rs12 and onions by Rs0.39. And prices of 15 essential items remained unchanged in the last week.
According to the PBS data report the previous week, prices of 30 items went by while the weekly inflation rate dropped by 0.19%. The rate of tea went up by Rs18.60 per kg, Moong pulse by Rs8.31, Chickpea pulse by Rs6.20, Maash pulse by Rs6.34, eggs by Rs5.98 per dozen, mutton by Rs3.98, beef by Rs2.41 and prices of milk, rice and yoghurt also went up in the last week. However, the price of a 20 kg flour bag went up by Rs25.41 to sell at Rs1323.90the PBS data shows.