Where we are going today: Shurekie bakery in Jeddah

Nada Hameed

Saudi cuisine offers a wide array of bread and pastries, which vary according to the Kingdom’s many regions, including samoli, gursan, fatoot, tamees, tannouri, and shurek, to name a few.

Shurekie is a newly opened Saudi bakery in the Al-Rawdah district of Jeddah that offers shurek, a traditional Hijazi bread made in Madinah, with a modern twist.

The bread is coated with sesame seeds, which gives it its distinctive taste.

The demand for this type of bread increases during Ramadan as it is served with yogurt as a daily ritual for breakfast in the Prophet’s Mosque of Madinah.

Maintaining the texture of the original recipe, Shurekie adjusted the traditional shape to resemble a bagel, which it offers with delicious fillings such as halloumi, turkey, roast beef and tuna.

Shurekie also offers fatoot and suhaira, which is another type of shurek made with milk and chickpeas, as well as different kinds of flavored biscuits, cakes and cheesecakes.

To complement the traditional experience, Shurekie offers a combination box featuring six different Hijazi-inspired dips and condiments of your choice including cheeses, olives, pickles and jams.

The bakery also offers hot and cold drinks, including coffee, tea and kombucha.