Which members of the Trump administration resigned after Capitol siege

Ursula Perano

WASHINGTON DC: A number of White House staffers and members of the Trump administration are resigning in the wake of the invasion of the Capitol building by “March for Trump” protesters, which was egged on by President Trump.

Why it matters: With just 13 days left in Trump’s term, he has become increasingly isolated and hard to reach. Some of his close confidantes and most loyal aides have chosen to resign rather than defend his rhetoric.

Resignations: Melania Trump’s chief of staff Stephanie Grisham, who previously served as White House press secretary,

Deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews, who said she was “deeply disturbed” by Wednesday’s events and called for a peaceful transition of power.

Deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger

Deputy assistant secretary of commerce for intelligence and security Rick Costello, who said the “unprecedented attack” was “incited” by Trump

Social secretary Rickie Niceta

Special envoy to Northern Ireland Mick Mulvaney, who previously served as White House chief of staff, told CNBC: “I can’t do it. I can’t stay.”