Zara Abbas shares her pictures in desi look

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Gorgeous actress Zara Noor Abbas took to her Instagram handle and shared her pictures in desi look with the caption ‘Shayar Ka Mehboob Kon Hai?’ (Who is the beloved of poet?)

The steaming expressions of her melted the hearts of million users on internet.

Zara was looking super-hot in her pinkish makeup looks. Her greasy- glowing pink lips were shooting the arrows everywhere around. The thin kajol line of her eyes also glammed up her beauty look while her curling wavy hairs were splattering their colors all over the place.

The ‘Khamoshi’ actress posed for a photo in which she was showing off her hand which was accessorized with black and white nail paint design. She also wore a big stoned ring of multiple colors including red, blue and little bit green into her fingers.

It seemed that the actress was displaying her classical getup in the pictures. Her big ear-rings were looking so traditional and providing her a complete lovely look.

The uniqueness of the pictures was that Zara wore a leaf-shaped nose ring that was shining on her face and it seemed that stars were shining with the moon.