Zara Noor Abbas opens heart on her miscarriage    

F.P. Report

ISLAMABD: Pakistani actors and most loved celebrity couple Zara and Assad went through a tragic event recently when Asad Siddiqui revealed in an interview earlier this year that the couple was expecting their first child, but due to health complications, Zara and Asad lost their baby boy at six months.

As parents and for Zara as a mother it was hard to speak on it initially.

People loved to watch Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui’s love flourish and grow in front of their eyes.

Zara and Asad were encouraged by their friends including Sajal Aly to meet up and have a conversation to see how things go. And as they say, the rest is history.

Zara and Asad’s love is goals for all the young couples out there and their support for each other is ideally a lesson for many.

Zara has mustard up her courage in pulling off the curtains on the loss of her baby and what she went through during a very hard period in her life.

She revealed that she had a very hard experience as she went only for a normal checkup when she found out that she will have to deliver the child that day at 22 weeks, that same day the child demised.