17 meat shops sealed, as many meat sellers arrested in KP

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety & Halaal Food Authority on Tuesday sealed 17 meat shops and handed over as many meat sellers to police for conducting business illegally.

During the raid at different markets, the authority had observed that meat of underage and unhealthy animals was being sold at shops.

The animals were being slaughtered next to the shops, which was illegal as animals could only be slaughtered at slaughterhouses, the KP Food Safety & Halaal Food Authority said.

The director general KP Food Safety & Halaal Food Authority said slaughtering of underage animals was unlawful.

In November last year, a raid conducted by ARY News’ Zimmedar Kaun team along with Malir additional commissioner had revealed that meat from calves as young as a week old was being sold in Karachi.

According to details, the Zimmedar Kaun team had raided an illegal slaughterhouse located in Landhi area of the city and caught red-handed, some butchers involved in slaughtering young buffalo calves from nearby dairy farms and selling their meat.

“They were selling calves’ meat, we saved at least 150 buffalo calves from being slaughtered, the meat was being supplied to a number of restaurants in the name of mutton,” the team claimed.