2 abducted victims recovered: SP Cantt

Syed Adnan

PESHAWAR: In a significant operation, the SP Cantt, Waqas Rafiq, announced the safe recovery of two abducted individuals who were abducted from the Achini Double Road area of Sarband in Peshawar, who were held captive with a ransom demand of 100 million rupees.

The abduction case took a positive turn when an individual named Amanullah reported to the Sarband Police Station on September 6th that unknown armed abductors had kidnapped Syed Gul and Hakeem, using a weapon disguised as a walking stick.

Upon receiving the report, the authorities swiftly responded, forming a special team led by SP Cantt Waqas Rafiq. The victims included a transport trader, and their captors demanded a hefty ransom. It was discovered that the abductors regularly shared videos and images of the victims in chains.

Taking note of this alarming situation, CCPO Peshawar, Syed Ashfaq Anwar, and SSP Operations Kashif Aftab Abbasi directed SP Cantt Waqas Rafiq to take charge of the rescue operation. A special team was assembled, consisting of DSP Pishtakhara Sher Afzal Khan, and SHO Sarband, Kaleem Khan. This team worked in coordination with Khyber Police to jointly conduct the operation.

Employing modern scientific lines and intelligence, the joint team successfully pinpointed the hideout where both abducted individuals were held captive.

In a swift and well-coordinated operation, they rescued the victims unharmed.
Furthermore, the mastermind behind this abduction, Jamshed, son of Mina Khel, a resident of Koki Khel District Khyber, was apprehended during the initial investigation. Jamshed confessed to his involvement in the crime and provided valuable information about the entire network involved in the kidnapping.

This operation not only ensured the safe recovery of the victims but also marked a significant success for law enforcement agencies in tackling such cases and cracking down on criminal networks. It sends a strong message that criminal activities will not go unpunished in the region.