Abdullah not aware of recent cabinet appointments

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KABUL: Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah reacted to recent appointments by President Ashraf Ghani and said he is not aware of the hiring and that it is a political move.

Last week, President Ghani appointed three acting ministers for Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Energy and Water and Ministry of Higher Education. The new acting ministers are FahimHashemi, TahirSharan, and Abdul TawabBalakarzai.

The move sparked a strong backlash from his critics, mainly those facing Ghani in the upcoming presidential elections.

“Any change in ministers recently is only considered a political decision, not another move,” Abdullah said. “It is unfortunate that when the changes happen, the people of Afghanistan, including the relevant ministers are informed through social media.”

“As the chief executive, I was personally embarrassed when I was asked about one of the ministers who was dismissed, and I replied that I was not aware of that. I was not informed.

Abdullah said that allegations against parliamentary elections should be assessed independently and it should not be treated politically in order to restore public trust in government.

He said that he does not want to comment on the tensions over the election of the Parliament’s administrative board but adds that people will get nothing if laws, regulations and people’s rights are replaced by “bullying”.

Rival Candidates Accuse Ghani Of ‘Law Violation, Bullying’

In response to recent appointments made by President Ghani, the Council of Presidential Candidates on Sunday accused Ghani of “bullying and violating the laws of the country”.

They said that recent appointments and dismissals in the government indicate that Ghani had no respect for the laws.

“The former president (incumbent President Ashraf Ghani) has come to know it now that his government is an illegal government and he has no option except to resort on bullying,” said presidential candidate ShahabHakimi.

“There should be no political motives behind any decision. All undertakings need to be carried as a normal governing procedure; therefore, all presidential candidates and politicians who have their own reservations and criticisms, need to be very serious about the issue,” said Senate’s Deputy Speaker Mohammad AlamEzedyar.

But, Ghani’s spokesman HaroonChakhansuri said that recent appointments and dismissals were part of the authorities of the president and that it was a legal move.

“The president cannot put hand on hand or refrain from doing daily works until the elections and the mandate of the next president. Delivering services to the public is part of the responsibilities of the government until last working day,” Chakhansuri said at a press conference on Sunday.

The Council of Presidential Candidates on Tuesday warned that they will use “any option” against the incumbent government if President Ashraf Ghani does not leave his office on May 22 or if he does not reach a political consensus with the Afghan politicians about the end of his tenure.

Based on Article 62 of the Constitution, May 22 marks the end of the National Unity Government’s legal term. The presidential candidates called on Ghani to respect the Constitution.

The presidential elections are scheduled to be held on September 28 after two times delay while it had to be held in April based on a previous schedule. The candidates suggest a caretaker government which according to them will prevent the power gap.

The Stability and Partnership election team led by Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah in a statement on Thursday said that based on the Constitution the term of the National Unity Government (NUG) has ended and that the presidential candidates and political parties should talk to resolve the disagreements raised in this regard.

The team said the Constitution has clearly mentioned the government’s tenure and that the issues raised by other candidates need to be discussed.

“The Stability and Partnership team sees the questions about the continuation of National Unity Government negotiable and agrees with part of concerns raised by presidential candidates and political parties,” the statement reads.(TOLOnews)