Actress Naimal Khawar flocks to Italy for vacation

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Naimal Khawar is in Italy nowadays with her younger sister Fiza Khawar for a holiday. Everyone knows that Naimal is very passionate about art and paintings. She left acting just to pursue her full-time painting passions.

Seeing renaissance art, craft, and culture there makes it appear like the actress is having a fantastic time. She also visited different historical places and art galleries there and kept sharing glimpses and brief details about them on her official Instagram handle. It won’t be wrong to say that Naimal is an ardent admirer of the birth city of Renaissance culture.

The ‘Anaa’ actress tried local cuisine there as well and apparently she is enjoying every bit of her vacation.

She was seen in one of the pictures sporting a cap and a white wool dress while she was wearing a red and black dress in another photo.

Pertinent to note that Naimal Khawar is a globetrotter and travels frequently with her sister Fiza.