Prices of Food, Cooking supplies decrease in Kabul

KABUL (Tolo News): Some shopkeepers said that the price of food decreased in world markets and for this reason the price has decreased in Kabul.

They said that the price of flour, rice, and oil has decreased by 300 afghanis compared to last month.

Currently, the price of a bag of flour is 2,150 afghani, sixteen liters of oil is 1,800 afghanis, 24kg of rice is 3,100 afghani, 7kg of bean is 700 afghani and 7kg of sugar is 430 afghani.

“The difference in the rates comes from the fact that it is the food season,” said Shaifullah a shopkeeper.

“The price of oil has decreased in the world and also the dollars have decreased,” said Noor Agha, a shopkeeper.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Industry and Commerce said that they are trying to increase the level of exports of food materials into the country.

“We will import foodstuffs from other countries into the Kabul markets, in the past month the prices have decreased,” said Abdul Salam, a spokesman for the MoIC.

“The global price is also very important because here we distribute cheaply to the people, when people sometimes say the traders themselves raise the prices of the goods or sell them at a high price, this is not the truth,” said Mohammad Younus Momand, head of the ACCI.

Meanwhile, some residents of the capital said because of economic challenges they are not able to buy food.

“Daily I work for 200 afghani and I cannot afford to buy food for my family,” said Hasibullah, a Kabul resident.

“We call on the government to pay attention to people’s financial state,” said Younus, a Kabul resident.

Afghanistan imports foodstuffs from Iran, Pakistan and Central Asia countries.