Afghan girls’ robotic team competes from Qatar

KABUL (Tolo News): The Afghan girls’ robotic team displayed three new robots in a virtual competition held by the First Global Challenge. Following the collapse of the former government on August 15, the members of the Afghan girls robotics team left the country for Qatar. They produced the robots in the Gulf country.
The girls said they will continue to work in order to bring pride to Afghanistan and to show the world the capability of Afghan girls. Sumaia Faroqi, the leader of the robotic team, said: “This year, as in past years, we attended the First Global Challenge. We are happy that we produced three different robots in three different sections.”
The girls said that although they have left the country, they still will continue to show their strength and ability to the world and to gain pride and achievement for their country. Haida Haidari, a member of the team, said: “We attempted to raise the name of Afghanistan; it’s not important where we live, but wherever we live we will still work and struggle for our Afghanistan.”
“I believe that if they provide Afghan women with opportunities they can make robots, and through that they can go forward,” said Shabnam Norzai, another member of the team. The robotic team, speaking to TOLOnews, called on the Islamic Emirate to reopen all schools for Afghan girls, and they urged the international community to stand by Afghan girls.
“Our hope is that Afghan women and girls should not be deprived of an education and they should be allowed to achieve their dreams,” said Naheed Rahimi, a member of the team. Officials of the First Global Challenge said competitors from 174 countries had participated in this year’s challenge. According to the officials, the result of the competition will be announced 20 days from now. The Afghan girls robotic team said they hope to perform well in the competition.