Afghani increases against dollar, says Central Bank of Afghanistan

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Central Bank of Afghanistan said that the value of the afghani has increased significantly against the dollar in the past month.

A spokesman for the Central Bank, Hassibullah Noori, considers the better implementation of monetary policies as one of the factors of the increase in the value of the Afghani currency against foreign currencies, especially the dollar.

“Currently, the Afghan currency is at a good level among the world currencies, and its value is increasing day by day, compared to other years, the use of the Afghan currency in trade has increased,” said the spokesman of the bank.

The Union of Money Exchangers of Sarai Shahzada said that stabilizing the value of afghani currency in the country’s markets, trade and commerce in all provinces should be done in Afghan money, and the smuggling of dollars should also be prevented.

“It is a good thing to prevent the smuggling of dollars to other countries, and attention has been paid to the matter,” said Abdul Rahman Zerak, spokesman of the Union. The Chamber of Commerce and Investment said that maintaining the stability of the afghani against other currencies, especially the dollar, has a positive effect on maintaining prices in the country’s markets.

“It is because we are an importing country, and it has an effect on the market price and the price of all food products,” said Khanjan Alokozai, a member of the ACCI. Earlier, foreign media reported that the Afghan currency increased by 14% last year and ranked third in the world list.