Al-Gharafa releases 80 missile birds in wild

FARAH (Agencies): A Qatari foundation Al-Gharafa 80 rare birds in the wild in Farah, while the head of Tourism Department of the Ministry of Information and Culture were present.
The CEO of Al-Gharafa charity foundation, head of Environmental Protection, and some other local officials of Farah province were present while, the charity releasing the rare birds in the wild in that province, according to reports.
80 rare birds from the farm of this camp were released in the open air for breeding after one year of training, said reports.
Officials of the Department of Environmental Protection said that according to the procedure and agreement of the National Environmental Protection Agency with Al-Gharafa Charity Foundation, several more birds will be released in the desert of Farah province in the future.
Missile birds in Farah is one of the deeds of Al-Gharafa organization, that every year more than 200 birds from the group of these birds are released in the wild life.