ANA chopper makes emergency landing

Monitoring Desk

KUNDUZ: A helicopter of the Afghan National Army (ANA) made emergency landing in Darqad district of Takhar province on Saturday. The ANA chopper made emergency landing due to technical failures in Basir Khel area in Darqad district at around 2:30 pm, Takhar governor’s spokesman Sunatullah Taimoor told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP).

The aircraft and the people on board did not suffer any losses, he said. The engineers were trying to repair the chopper after which it would resume flight towards it destination, he added.

Meanwhile, local residents confirmed hard landing of the helicopter and said the chopper had not gone down rather it had made emergency landing. They, however, added that they heard gunshots while the helicopter was making landing.

They went on to say that they did not know whether the chopper made emergency landing due to firing or technical failure.