Attempted suicide cases, mostly of women, rise in Badakhshan

KABUL (TOLOnews): Health officials in Badakhshan province say that around 30 people who attempted to commit suicide have been brought to the hospital in the past three months.
Homayoun Forootan, head of the Badakhshan Provincial Hospital, added that most of the patients are women. Two have died and others have been rescued.
“In total, there have been 29 cases of violence [attempted suicide] in the last three months, of which 27 are women and two are men,” he said.
According to Forootan, domestic violence and poverty are the main causes of these incidents.
“Poverty and unemployment is the main reason for committing suicide, as well as those whose spouses are unemployed and people who are under great economic pressure,” Forootan added. One of the women, whose husband committed suicide in recent months, said family problems and poverty were the main reasons for her husband’s suicide.
“My husband and I were both unemployed. When his children asked him for something, he did not have the money to buy anything for them and he was worried all the time,” said the wife of the person who committed suicide.
Residents of Badakhshan expressed concern over the increase in the number of women and youth who attempt suicide.
“Unfavorable economic conditions are creating challenges for them and they are being forced to commit suicide,” said Lal Mah Hasrat, a resident of Badakhshan.
“This is because of poverty, this is because of not going to schools and universities, they should pay serious attention to the schools and universities,” said Forouhar, a resident of Badakhshan.
This is the first time in recent years that due to poverty and family problems a number of people committed suicide in one of the provinces of the country. Last year, a number of residents of Injil district of Herat province were forced to sell their kidneys due to poverty.