Nephrite mining stone to start extraction in Kunar

ASADABAD (Agencies): The Mines and Petroleum Ministry contracted Nephrite Stone mine of Kunar province with Roya an Afghan miner company, said, officials.
Two thousand five hundred tons of valued ornamental stones and nephrite hackles in five years will be extracted from the mine says officials of the contracted Company.
The nephrite stone mine extraction will sum up a total revenue of 2.6 billion during the five years to the treasury department of Afghanistan account.
The valuable Nephrite mine stone which is called one precious located in the Khaas district of Kunar province.
The Kunar governor Sheikh Mohammad Qaseem Khalid said that “based on the contract signed the Company will extract 200 tons in the first year, 500 tons in the third year, 500 tons each in the third and fourth years, and one thousand tons in the last year from the Khaas Kunar mine,”.
Qaseem Khalid pointed to current security and he called on all investors to apply to invest legally in Afghanistan’s mines in accordance with the country’s mining law.
The Nephrite stone mine in Kunar has six blocks, and the extraction process in all the blocks has been completed, soon the extraction work will start shortly.
Report research says Afghanistan is one of the most mineral-rich countries in the world.
Experts Believe Afghanistan could reach economic Self-sufficiency in a short period of time, as far the country has a worth $1trillion mining wealth.