Balochistan govt forms commission on missing persons

QUETTA (INP): The Balochistan government on Friday formed a parliamentary commission of inquiry on missing persons, a hand out issued by the Directorate General of Public Relations (DGPR) said.
The commission has been formed on the directives of the Baluchistan High Court. The hand out said that Provincial Minister for Home and Tribal Affairs Mir Ziaullah Langau will be the chairperson of the commission and Additional Chief Secretary Home Zahid Saleem will assist him as the secretary of the commission.
Members of the provincial assembly Asad Baloch, Zahid Reki, Malik Naseer Shahwani and Zamaruk Achakzai have been notified as members of the commission. The parliamentary commission of inquiry is tasked to examine each missing person case and make efforts for recovery of the missing persons, The commission will also devise a mechanism to help and support the families of the missing persons, if not involved in anti-state activities.