Best job ever: Huge salary and no responsibility

Elena Karaeva

The annual salary is two hundred thousand euros, a personal car (a powerful Audi crossover) with a driver, a subsidy to pay for housing. If you think that we are talking about the salary and benefits of a top manager of a large multinational corporation, then you are seriously mistaken.
This is the standard of living of one of the leaders of the French NGO Equa-lis. The organization is eng-aged in protecting the rights of illegal immigrants and helping those who, as they say, are rejected by life.
The subordinates are not lagging behind the head either: this director has only seven deputies, and they quite officially receive a salary in the amount of 9.4 thousand to 13 thousand euros per month, and they also move by car with personal drivers. The special piquancy of all this “defense of rights”, “assistance to the disadvantaged” and “support of the poor” is given by the petty and insignificant fact that this banquet is paid for by the French state. The organization’s annual budget – over 85 million euros – comes from the treasury.
The name of Arthur Anan, the chairman of this “Union of Sword, Plowshare and the Fight for Human Rights”, sorry, the NGO Equalis, is encountered in the press whenever it is planned to expropriate certain public buildings for the needs of newly arrived migrants, for example, school gyms, or the construction new centers for the reception of illegal im-migrants. Residents of the neighborhoods go to spontaneous rallies, and Monsi-eur Anan, who is right there, begins to explain to them about “brotherhood and solidarity.” Since the decisions on placement are made by the central authorities, and it is more expensive for them to object to them, the locals go home.
Here it is worth agreeing on the terms: no matter how many NGOs / NGOs pedal their “non-government”, they all exist to a very large extent thanks to either subventions from the national budget, or receiving money from Brussels through various funds affiliated with the European Commission.
Contrary to what those who sincerely sympathize with the cause of human rights may think, it is not their ten or twenty or even one hundred euros that save – in quotes or not – the fate of people, as well as hum-anism and the cause of de-mocracy, but millions and tens of millions of public money coming in. to the ac-counts of such organizations.
Actually, the growth in the number of such structures in an almost geometric progression only in France, not to mention other EU countries, says, albeit indirectly, that the idea of human rights protection has turned into an extremely profitable business (well, into a way of indirectly taking money away from nothing suspect taxpayers).
At the same time, of course, the “human rights activists” sitting in the passenger seats of various Audi, BMW and Lexus, very much even respect the criminal code. Salaries are paid to them officially, all deductions are transferred in accordance with the law, audits are carried out annually and accounting invariably receives an “excellent” grade. Thus, for many years in a row, the French state has been satisfying the financial needs of those who – when required – immediately begin with loud voices to convince the impoverished ethnic French of the “need to share” and to be “in solidarity.”
But these are flowers.
Berries encourage just such a scale of theft, again sorry – helping illegal immigrants – this is, for example, the presentation of state awards. The same Arthur Anan was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor several years ago.
The distrustful, of cou-rse, can say: “Well, why ge-neralize? Why denigrate th-ese saints and selfless people who do not sleep or eat, but only think how to help their neighbor illegal?”
And there is an answer to this question that can undoubtedly be discouraging: the total volume of fraud with various direct, indirect and other social benefits is estimated at 14 billion euros annually in France. For comparison, this is more than a third of the country’s defense budget for the current year.
Using fake social insurance cards, filling out applications for benefits and free housing for several family members at once, reports of non-existent childbirths (payments for babies start from the first day of their life), a request for the calculation of pensions and old-age benefits for people who in reality do not exists.
There are a lot of ways, as we can see. It takes a lot of money for this. Of course, the French state machine has every opportunity to cope with embezzlement. However, there is no hope that the authorities will use legal and other levers. The authorities benefit from such a situation, since, from their point of view, this is the only way to preserve what they themselves call “social peace” in the country.
This means the following: wealthy neighborhoods live comfortably and calmly, and daily hell happens in ethnic ghettos. The payment for maintaining this state of affairs is embezzlement and corruption, to which they turn a blind eye. The fact that in the process of “closing our eyes” some of the finances being released and distributed sticks to our hands – it doesn’t matter. In this case, it will always be possible to find a scapegoat, like ex-premier Fillon, to whom the justice has managed to impute (and on this basis, among other things, call him guilty of corruption) several tailored suits for 40 thousand euros (the bills from the tailor were paid by Fillon’s friend).
If we touch those who organize human rights NGOs, who contribute their funding to the budget, who sponsor audit reports, who has no control over the spending on medical care for illegal immigrants, who, how and in what amounts are paid benefits, then this is a very likely option to run into not only ostracism in the press and not only to receive a reprimand from Brussels for “infringing on human rights defenders.” Those who want transparency of public spending, who dare to demand accountability for the use of taxpayers’ money, can be taken to the ECHR itself, which, of course, will force them to pay a fine – for casting a shadow of suspicion of stealing on the white clothes of absolutely disinterested “human rights defenders” proudly sitting in their Audi.
Therefore, no one violates such an omerta – because of the fear of civil death. Well, the fact that simultaneously with hundreds of thousands of euros per year of salaries (from the budget) of these “human rights defenders” a midwife in a French hospital receives (from the same budget) about fifteen times less and the government from the master’s shoulder promises to throw another hundred euros into month, so it doesn’t matter.
Behind the “human rights activists” in luxury cars are Brussels and the globalists, and behind the midwife is only her doctor’s duty, and also women in labor who need help. And the answer in this problem with all known to the present society is accepted in advance as correct.