Chamber of Agriculture seeks UN’s support for wheat storage facilities

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock on Saturday asked the United Nations to support Afghanistan by providing storage facilities for wheat as an important step for the country’s economy.
The chamber emphasized the need for the collection of wheat from various sources for enriching the country’s strategic reserves.
The requests are made amidst concerns over possible droughts in the country.
“The international community and other countries need to support Afghanistan under the current situation. The government also has to make wheat storage facilities so that we will not face hunger,” said Mirwais Hajizada, the deputy head of the chamber of agriculture and livestock.
“Afghanistan needs six to eight million metric tons of wheat every year. Fortunately, nearly five million metric tons of it is supplied from domestic sources and the rest is supplied from foreign sources,” said Qutbuddin Yaqubi, an analyst.
Officials from Agriculture and Livestock said the ministry intends to buy 100,000 tons of wheat for strategic reserves and has send the plan to the cabinet of the Islamic Emirate for approval.
“The ministry of agriculture has sent the plan to the cabinet to allocate the purchase budget of 100,000 tons of wheat for emergency situations,” said Musbahuhddin Mustaeen, a spokesman for the ministry. “After the approval of the 1402 solar budget, it will be known where and how the wheat will be purchased.”
According to figures from the Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock, Afghanistan should have three million tons of wheat in its strategic reserves so that it will not face hurdles under emergency conditions.