Chronic low pressure issues resolved by SNGPL

F.P. Report

LAHORE: On the directions of Minister of State Dr. Musadik Malik, Secretary Petroleum is spearheading resolution of gas low pressure issues of areas under the jurisdiction of SNGPL in close coordination with management of the company. Ali J. Hamdani, Managing Director SNGPL has been monitoring the supply data in real-time.

The constant monitoring and feedback system in place at Gas House has resulted in resolution of years old chronic issues of low pressure. SNGPL has completed and commissioned 10”dia X 9 Km gas pipeline from Ura Chowk to Chak Mandhar Sialkot & 8”dia X 3-Km pipeline from Chak Mandhar to Kharota Syedan chowk Sialkot. The cost incurred on this project is Rs.133 Million. Resultantly, around 34,000 consumers, residing in more than 100 villages along Gondal road, Said pur, Chaprar road & Head Marala road will be facilitated through this project.

Similarly, to address the issues of consumer base along Adyala Road Rawalpindi, SNGPL has laid and commissioned 10”dia X 17.65 Km gas pipeline for system improvement. The cost incurred on this project is Rs.204 Million. Resultantly, around 25,000 consumers, along Adyala Road will be facilitated through this project. By the completion of this project earlier this week, the long standing gas pressure issues of Gorakhpur, Khasala Khurd, Khasala Kalan, Dhagal, Shahpur, Adyala jail, Dhok Pharian, Munawar colony, Kekhashan colony Gulshan Abad and adjoining localities have been resolved and residents of the said areas will now get adequate gas supplies.

It is pertinent to mention here that SNGPL has employed social media tools to raise awareness about gas Conservation as well as about low pressure announcements to timely alert the consumers accordingly.