Water shortage irks Nimroz farmers

NIMROZ (TOLOnews): A number of farmers in Nimroz said they are faced with the lack of water to irrigation of their lands that ended up to a significant reduction in their products.
Nida Mohammad, a farmer in Nimroz, said the issue has existed for the past two years and has left a negative impact on farmers’ lives.
“We farmed our lands and nothing was achieved. There is a severe lack of water. We work hard but the fields are drying up,” said Neda Mohammad, a farmer in Nimroz.
“My products were wasted this year due to the lack of water,” said Sayed Ahmad, a farmer.
“It has been two years since we lost our products due to lack of water,” said Sayed Omar, a farmer.
Analysts said that the lack of water for agricultural lands in Nimroz is the result of poor water management.
“There is no plan for water. We have water resources and we can improve agricultural products if we make a plan for managing water resources,” said Mohammad Gul Mohammadi, an analyst.
Meanwhile, officials in Nimroz said efforts are going to address the issue.
“We are trying to address the problem. We have shared it with the Ministry of Agriculture,” said Abdul Khaliq Hakimullah, head of the agriculture department in Nimroz.