Climate agenda and tact of powerful

According to the media, China has stepped up its spending on coal due to rising fuel prices despite acute global warming and serious concerns of the global community. According to details, China is the world’s biggest emitter of the greenhouse gases driving global warming, and President Xi Jinping has expressed his resolve to reduce coal use from 2026 as part of a broad set of climate promises. Furthermore, the Chinese leadership also vowed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

Global climate change, which earlier was a future prediction has now become a current-day problem, as various parts of the world are combating acute weather conditions including torrential rains, flooding, soil erosion, drought and water scarcity, unprecedented wildfires, and unbearable heatwaves in all regions without any exception. According to reports, the developed nations had contributed more to creating the havoc of global warming whereas developing nations have fewer share in its creation but they are paying a heavy price.

Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and is also a leading nation in global efforts against climate change under the Paris Accord. China has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. However, the Chinese authorities have shored up coal power which still makes up most of China’s energy supply in a bid to reduce its energy bill and use a bulk of its coal reserves before it reaches the timeline set to end the use of coal under the global climate agenda. The international community and human rights organizations have protested China’s policy to boost its slow growth by relying on cheaper coal energy.

Accoridng to reports, China has used additional 300 million tonnes of coal for the production of domestic energy which doubled the share of coal energy in the country’s energy grid mix thus carbon emissions also increased respectively. In fact, powerful nations miss no opportunity to gospelize high morals and prospects of global well-being. However, they always created havoc and committed blunders with the future of the universe. Hence, influential must understand that they are drilling the bilge of the boat they boarded on.