CM warns central govt for protest

F.P. Report
SWAT: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has regretted that the imported rulers who came into power by raising slogans against inflation and poverty are actually wiping out the poor. The imported conglomerate has no concern with national development or the welfare of common citizens; these people have come into power through regime change conspiracy. Their sole aim is to abolish corruption cases against them and serve alien interests. To succeed in their nefarious intentions, they have jeopardized the credibility of accountability institutions and have put its role at stake.
Addressing media persons and a public gathering during his visit to district Swat and Malakand, the Chief Minister has warned the incumbent Federal Government of a protest in front of the national assembly adding that the imported federal government owes Rs. 189 billion in arrears to the province. We will not come back until the due funds of the province are paid, he added and said that the federal government wants to sabotage the ongoing development process in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by withholding the rights of the province, which is no doubt a non-democratic and heinous action. He maintained that since the regime change at center, law & order situation in the country has deteriorated.
The Chief Minister paid a day long visit to district Swat and Malakand on Friday where he inaugurated sub campus of the University of Swat at Dargai along with performing the ground breaking of seven development projects in Swat and Malakand which would be completed at an estimated cost of Rs.11 billion, cumulatively.
According to details, the Chief Minister formally performed the ground breaking of 23 km long Mankyal-Bada Sarai road which would be rehabilitated at an estimated cost of Rs. 5.70 billion. The project also includes the construction of four bridges and two rest areas at different sites. The Chief Minister termed this project of vital importance for the area and said that the provincial government is going to establish an Integrated Tourism Zone at Mankyal which, on completion, will promote tourism activities and generate livelihood opportunities for the locals. The Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone of 2.5 Km long Chaprial Bypass road and 10 Km long Baryam to Wanai road project. Both the roads would be rehabilitated at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.16 billion cumulatively. Similarly, the formal ground breaking of 57 Km long Shomozai-Kabal-Kanju-Matta-Bagh Dheri road was performed which will incur at an estimated cost of Rs. 3.94 billion.
Later on the Chief Minister during his visit to Dargai, district Malakand, has formally inaugurated a University Campus at Dargai. The Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone for the upgradation of Government Technical Vocational Centre Dargai to the level of Government Polytechnic Institute and the establishment of Rescue Services 1122 Station at Dargai. Both the projects will be completed at a total cost of Rs. 60 million.
Talking to the media persons at Swat, the Chief Minister made it clear that they will oppose the imposition of taxes on Malakand division adding that the newly merged tribal districts and Malakand division should be declared as tax free zone for the next 10 years. He said that presently, people of these areas are unable to afford the burden of taxes.
Touching upon the self-centered policies of the political figures related with PDM, the Chief Minister regretted politicising of development projects adding that PDM leaders should come up with new projects in the larger interest of the people.
Addressing the public gathering at Dargai, the Chief Minister said that the incumbent provincial government has presented an historic budget of Rs. 1300 billion for the current fiscal year. Revolutionary initiatives like Sehat Card, Education Card and Monthly Honorarium for Aaima Karam have been reflected in the budget. Mahmood Khan said that PTI government believes in the investment on human capital. The welfare initiatives taken by his government during the last four years have now started yielding positive results, he concluded. The Chief Minister on the occasion also announced a new Tehsil “Utmanzai” in district Malakand which was the long standing demand of the people.