Cop steals money during search operation in Lahore

LAHORE (NNI): A protector of the law became a breaker of the law when he stole money during a search operation in Lahore.

Police on Sunday lodged a case of theft against a dolphin constable who stole Rs100,000 during a search operation of the house of an alleged drug peddler in Jhaidu village of Kahna area.

Dolphin Superintendent of Police Zohaib Ranjha issued the suspension orders accused constable Waqar, and directed to hold an inquiry into the incident.

Dolphin Police Headquarters Deputy Superintendent has been appointed as an inquiry officer.

According to details, a Dolphin team along with Kahna Police went to Jhadu village to conduct a raid on the house of a citizen Munir two days ago. During the search, Constable Waqar stole the money.

When the owner of the house noticed that his money was missing, he raised an alarm. The Dolphin team recovered the money from the accused constable and registered a case against him.