Copala serves a range of authentic and varied mocktails

Maan Jalal

Located in Index Mall in DIFC, es authentic Mexican dishes made with fresh ingredients that are sourced locally or directly from Mexico.

The head chef at Copala shows ‘The National’ how to make four of their most popular non-alcoholic mixes

Conceived by three Mexican restauranteurs, Copala was created to share the culture and heritage of their homeland through food and to add to Dubai’s multicultural culinary landscape.

The atmosphere at Copala is welcoming, and the restaurant has a casual and relaxed cafe atmosphere with friendly staff.

The dishes on the menu range from what you’d expect to find at Mexican restaurant — such as guacamole made with Mexican Hass avocados, Tijuana quesadillas or enchilada rancheras with hand-made corn tortillas. Also on the menu is Mexican truffle rice, tortilla soup and wild mushroom fritters.

A delightful surprise is Copala’s range of mocktails.

Four of Copala's most popular non-alcoholic drinks. The National
Four of Copala’s most popular non-alcoholic drinks. The National

As non-alcoholic drinks gain popularity worldwide, the range of options for those who enjoy a fine-dining experience, but would prefer an alcohol-free beverage are increasing. Copala are adding their own twist to the trend with authentically Mexican, unique, colourful and a varied range of mocktails.

The first is the cocktail de tuna or the prickly cactus fig. Don’t let the name tuna fool you — it is not a fish, it’s a fruit.

Considered a delicacy in Mexico, it is an edible fruit that grows from a cactus. While naturally not very sugary, the mocktail is sweetened with Melipona honey from Yucatan, which comes from stingless bees and has a unique taste and texture that adds a subtle sweet flavour to the drink without overpowering the taste of the fruit. The drink is refreshing, the texture smooth and the taste reminiscent of a sweet pear.

Next is the Michelada, a drink for those who like a sour twist. Non-alcoholic dry beer, lime juice, Maggi and Worcestershire sauces, hints of chilli and served in a salt-rimmed glass. It is sour, refreshing, spicy and perfect way to cool off on a hot day.

For something with a bit of a kick, the tomato-based drink ojo rojo will definitely do the trick. Non-alcoholic dry beer, tomato and clam juice are mixed together with Maggi and Worcestershire sauces, lime juice and served in a Tajin chilli-rimmed glass.

Then there’s the white Mexican sangria. Jicama, a Mexican sweet turnip, is mixed with roasted pineapple, house-made mango preserve, pomegranate, dry rose wine and watermelon tonic water. Perfect to pair up a light dish or a snack; it is sweet, refreshing and pretty to look at.

Courtesy: thenationalnews