UN Human Rights Council 51: UK statement during Interactive Dialogue on Venezuela

F.P. Report

LONDON: UK Human Rights Ambassador, Rita French, delivered a statement following the results of the International Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela.

Thank you, Mr President.

The UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission has done a remarkable job in revealing the extent of human rights violations, including gender based violence, committed in Venezuela.

We are gravely concerned by the role of Venezuela’s intelligence agencies outlined in the report. Threats and crimes against human rights defenders, activists, educators and union leaders in Venezuela must stop.

The UK is deeply concerned by the reports of violence in mining areas, including the Arco Minero de Orinoco. We condemn the killing of Virgilio Trujillo, an indigenous leader and environmental activist, and call on Venezuela to hold perpetrators to account and to protect the population.

Have there been any reports of reprisals against those who have contributed to your reports, and was the evidence gathering process more or less challenging than for the previous report?

Mr President,

Given the concerning lack of official data, the reports presented to this Council are essential records of the human rights situation in Venezuela. The work of the Fact Finding Mission and the Office of the High Commissioner in Venezuela is critical for Venezuelans. We urge the renewal of the Fact Finding Mission’s mandate to ensure the continued monitoring of the human rights situation in Venezuela.