Dispute stops Afghan NSC’s meeting

KABUL (Monitoring Desk): In the last three weeks, the weekly meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) was not been held in the presidential palace and meetings of the Supreme Commander were held instead, sources said.

Sources from the government said the NSC meetings were not held because the discussions on Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) second deputy Mohammad Mohaqiq’s appearance at the meetings have not been agreed to.

NSC spokesman Qadir Shah confirmed that instead of NSC meetings, meetings of the Supreme Commander were held.

“The issues related to military and security were being discussed in the Supreme Commander meetings. These meetings are held once or twice per week depending on the situation. The NSC meeting focuses on policy issues and is held based on president’s advice when needed. Aside of this, in the days that president is on official trips, have not held the supreme commander or the NSC meetings,” said Qadir Shah.

According to the sources, following Mohaqiq’s remarks in Iran over Syria war in November and his appreciation from the fighters who defeated Daesh in Syria, including the Afghan fighters, president Ashraf Ghani wanted to dismiss Mohaqiq from NSC meeting. However, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah opposed the president.

According to the sources, following Abdullah’s disagreement with the president’s decision on Mohaqiq, the NSC weekly meetings have not been held for the past three weeks.

“Because of the different viewpoints between the presidential palace and the CEO on Saudi Arabia and Yemen war, the disagreements between them have increased. Recently, following Mohaqiq’s remarks in Tehran, the presidential palace is trying to dismiss CEO’s second deputy from the cabinet and the council of ministers’ meetings,” Asif Ashna, CEO’s former deputy spokesman said.

Mohaqiq has yet to comment on the matter.

Mohaqiq, in his speech in Iran, praised the fighters who defeated Daesh in Syria. This included the Afghan fighters and Major General Qasem Soleimani, the commander of foreign fighters for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and the founder of Fatimiyun Brigade in Syria.