Dostum camp warns of protests

KABUL (Tolo News): A spokesperson for the Junbish-i Milli- Islami party, led by Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, warned that six other provinces in the north will launch local demonstrations if the Presidential Palace does not meet the “demands of the people” against the appointment of a new governor in Faryab.

Dostum’s spokesman Ehsan Nairo said that six days after the protests, the government is still not prepared to meet the demands of the people in Faryab. “What is taking shape at the moment is an expansion of protests outside Maimana city and Faryab province, there is the possibility that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, protests will start in other provinces in the north and in the northeastern provinces,” said Ehsan Nairo, a spokesman for Dostum.

Friday marked the seventh day of protests against the appointment of a new governor for Faryab, and demonstrators have so far blocked access to six government offices. The protestors railed against the appointment of Mohammad Daud Laghmani as the new governor.

Daud Laghmani was replaced by Naqibullah Fayeq as Faryab governor last month. Laghmani said that he hopes that the demonstrations will end peacefully. “Our security forces are there and we can tackle it, but we don’t want anyone to be harmed,” said Laghmani. What do the protestors demand?

“The government will never be able to rule the people by force,” said one protestor, Noor Mohammad. “The government is not willing to address the problems of the public,” said protestor Farhad Benawa. “You are talking with enemies like the Taliban, but you are not willing to talk with the people of Faryab,” said MP Fawzia Raufi. But the Presidential Palace said that the new governor was appointed to bring reforms to Faryab and stated that efforts are underway to bring the situation in Faryab back to normal.