Drug addicts deported from Iran face hardships in Nimroz

KABUL (ToloNews): Dozens of drug addicts who have been deported from Iran said they are facing a challenging situation in Nimroz province in the west of the country amid the freezing winter.
Abdul Ahad, 35, said he was addicted to drugs 15 years ago and that he was deported from Iran recently but is faced with severe health conditions.
“It has been 15 years since I have been married. Since I went to Iran, I got addicted to drugs and still suffer from being a drug addict,” Ahad said.
“No one would treat us or do anything for us. Everyone comes and beats us. We were faced with a challenging life in Iran and it is the same here,” said Sulaiman, a drug addict.
Local officials said they are making efforts to provide treatment to drug addicts.
“The Islamic Emirate has a major short-term plan to provide them with rehabilitation facilities to save their lives,” said Gul Mohammad Qudrat, a spokesman for the Nimroz department of security.
“These individuals are an extra burden on society because they cannot be active. They need treatment,” said Ishaq Noorzai, a psychologist.
According to figures from local officials, at least 13,000 drug addicts are living in Nimroz, with most of them having been deported from Iran.