Education Minister emphasizes need for modern, religious sciences

JAWZJAN (TOLOnews): The Acting Minister of Education, Habibullah Agha, said during a visit to the province of Jawzjan that modern and religious sciences are crucial for development and equality with other nations.
The acting minister of education said that inventive students need support.
Habibullah Agha made the remarks during the opening ceremony of a school in Aqcha district of Jawzjan province.
“When a student can make a plane from plastic, I say if we educate them well in modern science, he will make drones,” he said.
Local officials and tribal elders in Aqcha district of Jawzjan have also emphasized the need to establish schools and providing modern education facilities for students. “You [people] should try to send your children to school,” said Nooruddin Amir, deputy governor of Jawzjan.
“Today, we are witnesses that the Islamic Emirate is against war and cruelty. The message of the Islamic Emirate for the education is this, we have built a school instead of a military outpost,” said Mohammad Tahir Jawad, director of the education of Jawzjan.
The acting minister of education emphasized the importance of both modern and religious education in the country, despite the fact that girls above six grade have been banned from attending school for more than 730 days.