Engaging with United States European Command (U.S. EUCOM)

F.P. Report

LONDON: Command Sergeant Major Robert V. Abernethy, Senior Enlisted Leader for U.S. EUCOM, met with personnel from Strategic Command to understand more about the organisation and how we can better collaborate in the future

As part of the trip, new Strategic Command Warrant Officer Sara Catterall hosted CSM Abernethy on his visit to Strategic Command’s Northwood Headquarters where he was briefed by PJHQ and Lieutenant General Charlie Stickland, Chief of Joint Operations.

This was followed by a meeting with Lieutenant General Tom Copinger-Symes, Deputy Commander Strategic Command, and a round table with Warrant Officers from across the Ministry of Defence, including Sara Catterall MBE.

The role of Senior Enlisted Leader sees CSM Abernethy provide leadership to the U.S. EUCOM’s 82,000 joint service members across over 400 bases and facilities in 51 countries.

Collaboration and improved interoperability between the U.S and UK Armed Forces protects both nations, and their allies, from an array of threats.

Speaking on the engagement Lt. Gen Tom Copinger-Symes said:

It was a pleasure to meet CSM Abernethy and discuss how Strategic Command’s role in Defence could support the goals of the U.S. EUCOM.

The U.S. is our foremost ally and partner within the Cyber and Electromagnetic Domain and as Strategic Command leads on this for UK Defence, a strong working relationship is crucial to us being act effectively and efficiently.