Ex-military official in Parwan detained: Family

PARWAN (TOLOnews): Ahmad Khan Ahmadzai, the former police commander of Bagram district of Parwan province, and two of his family members have been detained by Islamic Emirate forces, relatives claimed.
The family claimed that Ahmadzai, his son, and his nephew, were arrested over one week ago.
“I opened the door, they tied my hands, when my father came out, they arrested him and then my brother,” said Bahram, 14, son of Ahmadzai.
“If he was responsible for anything, he would not stay here. He was retired five years ago,” said Shah Agha, a relative.
Other reports were published about the violation of the general amnesty and the detention of former military officials, but the Islamic Emirate always denied the reports.
“They detained him and his younger son and they arrested his other son and nephew as well,” said Sayed Muhammad Khateb, head of Alljahad seminary.
TOLOnews was unable to obtain a comment from the Islamic Emirate about this issue.
“Targeting military leaders has become routine. We can clearly see the detentions, execution, and extra-judicial courts,” said Asef Nang, a military analyst.
Ahmad Ahmadzai is a resident of Robat village in Bagram distract of Parwan province.
He retired five years before the fall of the former government.