Feroze Khan’s sister Dua taunts Aliza Sultan after her recent statements

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) : Dua Malik is a host and social media influencer who is quite vocal on social media about various social issues. Dua Malik loves her brother Feroze Khan and she often lends her support to the brother Feroze Khan.

In Feroze Khan’s recent controversy, she stood by her brother’s side when he needed her the most. She also faced criticism on supporting her brother. Recently, Dua Malik has again spoken for her brother.

In a Q&A session Syeda Aliza Sultan replied to all the fans’ personal questions. She provided satisfactory replies to the fans about her life after divorce.

Dua replied to Syeda Aliza Sultan on her recent statements about raising her kids as a single mother and getting married in future.

Dua Malik has taunted Syeda Aliza Sultan in her recent Instagram story saying, “Just scrolling through social media. Thinking, how badly have people become greedy for attention. I see people, did nothing in life, no talent, no achievements, yet trying hard to become a celebrity. Damn! what is happening with the society. People Would do anything for money”. She further said that social media is a curse.