Final Combat Readiness kicked off in Russian Troops

F.P Report

MOSCOW: Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday remarked that final combat readiness checks for the winter training period kicked off in Russian troops. Shoigu gave this statement during ministry’s conference call on.

Giving out more details he stated that “In accordance with the Armed Forces’ training plan, final checks have begun in military command centers, military units and formations.”

The Russian Defense Minister remarked that “The troops have moved to training grounds for holding tactical, special tactical and force-on-force exercises. I require ensuring a high quality of control checks and security in the movement of military echelons and military hardware.”

Russian Ministry has also notified that all the military branches and services of the Russian Armed Forces will be involved in combat readiness checks.

He further divulged that a commission of Russia’s General Staff will hold an inspection in Russia’s Eastern Military District as part of these measures. Main combat training events will run at the Tsugol and Sergeyevsky practice ranges of the Eastern Military District.

In the other military districts and in the Northern Fleet, final combat readiness checks will be supervised by troop commanders, it said.

Noting in April around 4,048 exercises of various scope, including 812 force-on-force drills will be held at 101 practice ranges and 520 training facilities.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the drills are running on the territory of all the county’s military districts. According to the data of Russia’s Defense Ministry, drills are running in the Northern Fleet, in areas of the Extreme North, the Kuril Islands and on the Kamchatka Peninsula.