Flour prices break all records in Karachi

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Flour prices in Karachi have scaled a new peak of Rs2500 per 20-kilogramme bag against last week’s Rs2,400, data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) showed on Saturday.


This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that flour prices have surged to Rs2500.


According to the Sensitive Price Index for the week ended Dec 22, 1kg of flour in Karachi now costs Rs125, which is almost 100 per cent more than the price of the commodity in Islamabad and Punjab.


The data shows that in the last week, Karachi, Hyderabad and Quetta have witnessed a surge of Rs100 in the price of a 20kg bag of flour, increasing the rates to Rs2,500, Rs2,420 and Rs2,320 respectively.


In Bannu, Peshawar, Larkana and Sukkur, the prices increased by Rs40, Rs70, Rs50 and Rs40 respectively.


Meanwhile, the price of a 20kg bag of flour in Islamabad and Punjab has been recorded at Rs1,295.


A bag of flour is sold up to Rs2420 rupees in Hyderabad. The price of a bag of flour in Quetta has reached Rs2320; in Peshawar Rs2300 while the price of a bag of flour in Khuzdar is up to Rs2250.


In Sukkur and Larkana, a 20 kg bag of flour is sold for up to Rs2200.