German tourist rides in Panjshir

PANJSHIR (Agencies): A German tourist arrived in Panjshir province after biking thousands of kilometers all the way from Germany and crossing 16 countries on his bicycle, local officials said.
Bakhtar News Agency spoke with Marco, a German tourist who traveled a long distance, first to Herat province and then to Kabul, where he planned his route to Panjshir province.
In a meeting with the director of information and culture of Panjshir, Marco stated that the goal of his trip is to explore the natural beauties of the region and that his next trip is to the country’s Badakhshan province.
He also stated that he observed a sense of relief among Afghans, in contrast to news from international media outlets that project a negative image of the country to the rest of the world.
Mawlana Nasrullah Malikzada, director of information and culture of Panjshir, says that the influx of local and foreign tourists has recently increased, noting the visit of 11 tourists from Poland and Germany to the province in a single day.