Ghani meets with Iran’s president-elect

TEHRAN (Agencies): President Ashraf Ghani met with Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, President-elect of Iran, in Tehran early Thursday, the Presidential Palace (ARG) said in a statement. The meeting was also attended by Second Vice President Sarwar Danish, Foreign Minister Haneef Atmar and a number of other high-ranking Afghan government officials.
During the meeting, both sides discussed the expansion of cooperation and relations between the two countries. The President-elect of Iran stressed the continued support for the Government of Afghanistan and the efforts for a regional consensus for peace.
He also expressed his support for the people of Afghanistan to preserve the republic and its past achievements. “We support a system in which the rights of all Afghan citizens, including minorities, are protected, and our neighbors, especially Afghanistan, have a high position in our foreign policy,” Raisi said. In turn, Ghani thanked Iran for its assistance and cooperation in various fields and stressed the need for joint economic cooperation and the expansion of relations between the two countries.