Girls’ primary school opens after 12 years in Loy Shelman

F.P. Report

LANDI KOTAL: Government Girls Primary School, Malik Amroz Kalley, Sheen Pokh, Loy Shelman started again after remaining closed for 12 years. Dwellers of the area said that a decade earlier, the state-run educational institution closed when teaching staff declined to join their duties due to the far-flung and bordering area beside their hectic efforts for provision of teachers to the school.

Badshah Khan, resident of Sheen Pokh said that the teaching activities had resumed in the school after 12 years with support of district educational officials, which was a good omen for their children. Our children remained out of school for a decade that worried us a lot but with refunctioning of the school they will avail an opportunity to get education, he opined.

He went on that continuously shut down the institution, damaged, furniture, school buildings etc. that needed to be supplied. When the Assistant District Educational Officer, Landi Kotal (female) Samina Ghani was contacted for her version on the matter she said that on the direction of the highups, the school had been restarted since first of September and so far 103 girls students had been enrolled.

One female teacher had been temporarily posted under a special fund who resided in the quarter of a security guard and one more teacher would be supplied, she added. On a query she maintained that because of the remote area, local teachers were unavailable while non-local female teachers might be reluctant to attend their duties therefore the school remained shut for a long time.

She further said that the education department had been informed of the dilapidated condition of the school and asked for forthwith support to continue teaching and learning activities in the institution. It is to be mentioned here that sixty state-run girls’ educational institutions have been established in Landi Kotal where approximately ten thousands female students get education.