GO installs RO Water Filtration Plant Near GO Mahmoodkot Terminal

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd. (GO) has installed a large size RO Water Filtration Plant, with capacity of 3,600 gallons per day at Pateywala Basti, Qasba Gujrat about 200 metres from GO Mahmoodkot Terminal.

It was inaugurated jointly by Mr. Ali Akber Khaleel, Col. Muhammad Anwar Khurshid and Mr. Muhammad Fasihuddin. Locals of the area are highly pleased and over joyous on this welfare measure by GO. It shall go a long way in winning the much-needed good will of the local community of the area.

Commenting on the occasion, COO of GO, Mr. Zeeshan Tayyeb said, “The importance of clean drinking water cannot be overemphasized as it is a basic requirement of the people for healthy life. Therefore, GO has been making all out efforts to install as many ‘RO Water Filtration Plants’ as possible for both; the employees and the general public especially for those living in surrounding areas of our installations.”

Water is a fundamental human right, and access to clean and safe drinking water can change the lives of human beings for the better. However, in this era of global water scarcity and stress, getting clean drinking water at all is considered a blessing for most people, especially in Pakistan.