Halted projects to be restarted, says Ministry

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Urban Development at a press conference reporting on annual activities, announced the completion of more than 40% of the Qatari-backed project in the Khushal Khan area of Kabul.
The acting minister said that a number of projects for which work had stopped are covered under new memorandums and will restart.
“The first project, which was financed by Qatar, has completed almost 4 blocks; a mosque, a school, and a Madrasa have also been built,” said acting Minister of Urban Development and Land Mawlawi Hamdullah Nomani.
The Ministry of Urban Development announced the start of projects for the construction of the “new town” of Kabul and said that they are trying to prevent unplanned construction in the country.
“In the previous government, all of you were aware that corruption existed in all government departments. And it has happened many times that they have used bribery, mediation, and their political position, and in many places, the work has been done against the plan,” said acting Minister of Urban Development and Land, Mawlawi Hamdullah Nomani.
The deputy of the ministry also said the implementation of twenty-seven urban plans in various provinces including Kabul have been formed in the past year.
“27 urban plans for the center and provinces, including master plans, regional plans, and reform plans have been designed and prepared,” said Madar Ali Karimi Bamyani, deputy minister of Urban Development.
The ministry also said that by order of the leader of the Islamic Emirate, the construction of three hundred residential houses for judges in Herat province will be undertaken.
According to the Urban Development Ministry, out of more than six hundred and fifty towns, three hundred and fifty towns have been registered by this ministry so far.