Hot weather fails to dampen Eid shopping spree of Karachities

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Hot and dry weather conditions with humidity touching almost unbearable limits was registered to have little dampened the spirits of many of the Karachiites busy “Eid” shopping on Sunday.

With just two days to “Eid ul Fitr,” one of the most cherished festivals for vast majority of the citizens, many also fasting incessantly for past more than 25 days, it was indeed a sight to witness the excitement in the air.

Kids along with their parents and youngsters, pertaining to all genders, made the environment at numerous markets and shopping malls of the metropolis all the more happening through their strong presence and clear choice of goods.

“Each of us must have our respective budgets and fortunately the wide range of choice available for us do provide every opportunity to get hold what we desire,” said Mrs. Ahmed Mustafa accompanying her kids at Bohri Bazar.

“This is one place where I used to come along with may parents in my childhood and now have my kids around,” said the lady emphasizing that the place continues to meet the budgets of all.

Ms. Mustafa was not wrong as Bohri Bazar, one of the oldest markets in Karachi, once a preferred choice for shoppers pertaining upper echelons, continues to offer variety through the presence of shops known for branded goods as well as those outlets selling non-branded items.

“Quality of these unbranded clothes, foot wear and other accessories can not be questioned,” said Salimullah, associated with a local shipping company.

He claimed to be doing eid shopping for himself as well as his family at Bohri Bazar for past several years.

Meanwhile, makeshift stalls raised on footpaths around major shopping areas, including Jamia Cloth, KDA Market – Gulshan e Iqbal, Gole Market and Paposh Nagar Nazimabad, Hyderi Machi Miani, Tariq Road and so-forth could immediately draw attention of even a passers-by.

According to a senior official of Karachi administration special permits have been issued to many of the bonafide traders, small and mid sized, to raise stalls at different open spaces scattered across the metropolis.

“We are confident that as per tradition these stalls often manned by young entrepreneurs would be frequented by families finalizing their last minute preparations for the fast approaching festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Interestingly many of the citizens who were either already done with their eid shopping or simply not really keen to shop were found beating the heat at the air-conditioned shopping malls scattered around the burgeoning city.

“I am here on insistence of my kids who are more interested in game area on Sunday providing me and my wife to roam around in cool environs,” Raqibullah said.

According to the gentleman the fully airconditioned shopping malls provide good chance for window shopping and definitely is very popular among many of the brand conscious consumers.

“We have visited different malls where great discounts are being offered by different companies yet find “eid bazaars” initiated in mid income localities to be more feasible,” said Rashda Hamid, a college teacher.

Cost factor has compelled most of the families to frequent these bazars flooded by China made products rights from shoes to jeans and scarves to artificial jewellery.

Dr. Naushaba Rahim, a university teacher little impressed by mall culture claimed that she has to put little effort is searching and at times even sifting goods of her choice and standard without.

“I often get these at amazingly low rates without any compromise in terms of quality of products,” she claimed. Mrs. Mona Iqbal who prefers shopping malls over other options said she finds the exercise to be hassle free as the facility to shop under one roof is a great relief during Ramzan.